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Annuals and patio Plants

Seasonal colour in the garden

Annuals and patio plants are very important as they provide lots of colour next to perennial plants and are of great value for patio - basket and decking gardening.
Annual Bedding Plants such as Petunias, Lobelias and Busy Lizzies and Pansies are not to difficult to grow just follow the tips below :

Easy to grow and much value

How to plant Annual plants

Remove the plants from their containers in which they have been raised from Seed, they are almost always rootbound in this container. Break the bottom of the root ball or cross slice it with a sharp knife, this will encourage the plant to develop a strong root system in your border or Basket-planter. Soak the plants prior to planting. Plant them in a combination of 1/3 potting compost and 2/3 of topsoil (mix it well).

Plant them no deeper than the surface (top side) of the root ball and press down the Soil around them firmly. Give the plants some organic fertiliser and water in well. During the season, remove the faded flower heads as soon as they fade and feed every two weeks with an soluble fertiliser.

Did you know

For Patio plants to be grown in large containers such as Spanish Marguerites - Lobelia ricardi - Tibouchina and Abutilon Bell, treat them as above but prepare the container Soil as follows : use 1/3 coarse sand - 2/3 of potting compost and mix some organic fertiliser through the Soil. Put a good layer of pebbles at the bottom of the planter, this will help excessive water to drain away freely as many container plants do not thrive due to waterlogged Soil. Fertilise the planters every two weeks with a soluble fertiliser or use Slow release fertiliser tablets. Slow release fertiliser tablets will feed your plants for about 6 months. Place the larger patio plant into deep saucers in which you can give water almost daily

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