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How to take care of Azalea Bonsai

Growing a bonsai tree is a good hobby and proper knowledge on how to grow one is a must. You can either buy a starter kit or you could also consider buying an adult bonsai tree so that you can begin culturing it. It all depends on your choice. 

The most popular among bonsai trees is the Azalea bonsai tree that comes in different species. The two most common species of the Azalea bonsai tree are the Kurume azalea and Satkuzi azalea. These bonsai trees are durable and both produce beautiful, colorful flowers that blossom every spring. 

The Azalea bonsai tree actually belongs to the shrub category but it can be shaped in any bonsai design and style. It can be shaped like a tree because of the distinct shape of the trunk. The most popular styles of the Azalea bonsai tree are semi-cascade, windswept, slanting and root-over-rock. For an Azalea bonsai tree with multiple trunks, the most common style is the informal upright. For culturing an Azalea bonsai tree, please follow the guidelines below: 


Do not place the Azalea bonsai tree in direct sunlight. This will cause discoloration and dryness that will kill the flowers. Also, the branches and the trunk will become brittle due to the heat. To keep the plant healthy and beautiful, it is best to place it under a shaded area especially during the summer. 


The Azalea bonsai tree basically needs rainwater. However, if there is no rain for a long period of time you can substitute a mixture consisting of one tablespoon of white vinegar to a gallon of regular water. You only need to water the plant using this mixture once a month but regular watering is still needed. 

Soil feeding:

Treatment of the soil every two weeks until the flowers blossom is needed during spring. Never feed the plant with fertilizers while the flowers are still blooming. Once the flowers have fully blossomed, apply fertilizers only once a month. Be careful in choosing the fertilizer to use. Rapid-growth fertilizers are not recommended. 


Trimming of the Azalea bonsai tree should be done after flowering. Remove dead flowers and then clip the branches depending on your design. Putting wires on the plant should not be tight so that the hardwood will not be damaged. 

Use of pesticides:

Do not spray pesticides on the flowers because they will die. You should only spray on the root level of the plant so that its beauty will be retained. 

Proper care and attention to the Azalea bonsai tree are needed to achieve a very desirable result in its appearance. To know more about proper care of an Azalea bonsai tree, it is best to seek advice from an expert. 

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