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How to take care of Elm Bonsai

General information: Chinese elm is fast growing, deciduous or evergreen depending on its location forms a graceful upright rounded canopy with shiny, dark green leathery leaves. Elm is moderately salt tolerant. Several dwarf varieties, sports of Ulmus parvifolia, exist which grow slower than the ordinary Chinese elm but it produces a much finer network of twigs and branches. It is these sports which are used for bonsai
Family: Ulmaceae.
Lighting: Will grow in full sun or partial shade.

Temperature: Zones 5B - 10A. More restricted zones may apply to some of the dwarf varieties.

Watering: Needs a lot of water.

Feeding: To retain and produce small leaves, do not feed high nitrogen fast-acting fertilizers. Feeding three times a year is sufficient to maintain good color and healthy growth without enlarging the size of the leaves.

Pruning and wiring: Most shaping can be done by pruning. The bark is thin and may be damaged easily.

Propagation: Because these dwarf varieties are sports of another plant, they can only be propagated by cutting or layering. Cuttings may be made from new tip growth taken in early summer.

Repotting: They transplant well. Any type of soil with good drainage seems to grow them well. They have heavy root growth so must have root room.

Pests and diseases

Pests: Boreres and chewing insects seem to be the only pests bothering the plant. 

Diseases: Cankers may develop on young trunks where soil is excessively wet.

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