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Dessert apples

Malus Golden Delicious is one of the best-known most popular dessert apples in the world. This tall apple tree is a heavy cropper producing large golden, crisp juicy apples. Best eaten fresh from the tree however the fruit can also be stored for a few months and can be used for cooking. Cox's Orange Pippin is one of the most popular apple tree varieties due to its excellent rich aromatic flavour. This Apple tree variety will produce an abundance of fruit with a rich orange flush and its flesh is creamy white. This apple tree is self fertile however it also belongs to pollination group C it can be used to cross-pollinate other apple trees in the same group.

Malus Granny Smith is prized for it's crispy, juicy fruit. The firm green fruit is best eaten fresh from the tree however the fruit can also be stored for a up to 5 months and it can also be used for cooking. Malus Granny Smith grows best in warm parts of the country. Granny Smith cropping can sometimes be biennial. Culinary apples Malus Bramley's Seedling is great for producing heavy crops of cooking apples. The apples can be harvested in October and are green flushed with red. Bramley's Seedling fruit can be stored for up to 5 months. Each one of our apple trees has been inspected during growth and during lifting, prior to shipment.

Caring for Patio Apple Tree

You don't need an orchard to grow your own Apple trees, our compact growing dwarf Apple trees will grow either on your Terrace or in the border and they produce Fruit just as big if not bigger than larger trees. They also produce Fruit at a younger age than full sized trees. These tree's are created by grafting a regular Apple tree onto the rootstock of a dwarf tree.

For the Terrace / Decking, plant the tree in a large container (30 cm wide). Ensure that there is good drainage, at least 5 cm of pebbles at the bottom of the pot which should have a large hole in the bottom. Place the container in a sunny location and water regularly. Preferably use rainwater for watering and don't allow the compost to dry out.

For tree's planted in the ground, soak the roots for a couple of hours before planting. Dig a hole deep and wide enough for the tree and plant the tree at the same level as it was in the pot, make sure the graft is a few inches above the Soil Otherwise it will form it's own root system. Stake the tree's for support.

During spring fertilise on top of the planter (in the border on the top Soil) with an organic fertiliser and during summer fertilize regularly (every 14 days) with an soluble Fertilizer (planter only). Protect the container during the winter by wrapping it in cloth or an old sack to avoid freezing of the planter.

During Feb-March you should prune the tree to keep it in shape, take a close look for the flower buds, it is there where they will bear Fruit, if so trim behind the buds or else no Fruit will be produced. Pinch off some Fruit early in the season on young trees, this will allow some of the trees energy to go towards growing stronger rather than just producing Fruit. Trim away all straight up growing so called watershoots, they won't bear Fruit and make sure you remove any new branches growing below the graft. These trees are self-pollinating; you can expect your first Fruit most likely after two seasons.

Soil mixture : make a Soil mix of 1/3 of sand - 1/3 of compost and 1/3 of loamy Soil mix this well and plant the tree in this mixture. Do not plant the tree deeper than surface of the root ball of the tree.

Trained trees

Trained trees along Trellis. You can also train a Fruit tree to grow along a trellis. Plant the tree in the Soil (see mixture) closely toward the trellis under a slight angel. Base of tree a bit away of trellis. Afix the tree with proper binding material at the centre of the trellis, select a number of branches you want to grow outwards, carefully bend these branches out during the growing season (between May and July) and afix them with binding material. Once the shape of the tree has been established, trim away unwanted branches. Fertilise the tree with organic fertiliser every spring on top of the Soil and trim in shape in February.

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