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Agave houseplants are very easy to grow indoors, these pointy succulents are grown for their striking appearance. They grow sturdy pointed leaves in beautiful shades of green. There are several varieties, some with thorns and some without. So be careful with children. It is best to grow your agave in a wide, shallow pot. In Mexico they make tequillia and mezcal from this plant. Cheers!

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Agave houseplant

If you say Agave, you say Mexico. They are also known there as the 100 year old Aloe. This houseplant is crazy about sunlight and needs little water. Nice and easy atmosphere.

How to care for your Agave

Agave houseplants are very easy to keep indoors, they require little water and nutrition. When choosing a location for the agave, place them in a sunny spot, as they will not grow in shade. Since the Agave grows in the desert, they do not need much fertile soil. So keep it simple and only water this houseplant when it is needed, so that the soil can dry out in between. In autumn and winter you can water less.