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Once you have a fruit plant, you will never want anything else! Picking delicious fruits from your own fruit tree. Grow the freshest strawberries yourself and make jam from the sweetest berries. Anyone can do it! Our fruit trees have been carefully selected for a good harvest yield. You get a 100% growth guarantee on our fruit plants and trees.

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Grow your Own Fruit

Why not grow your own fruit. There is a fruit tree for every garden or balcony. A healthy and rewarding activity, nice for kids to see them grow too! Grow your own fruit for maximum freshness and delicious flavour!

Growing your own fruit provides you with fresh produce straight from your garden. Many varieties of fruit can be grown in containers; which has the advantage of being portable for those frosty nights. The container should have adequate holes at the bottom for drainage of the excess water.

Large variety of delicious fruitplants

One of the most rewarding things you can do in your garden is growing your own fruit, and these days almost everyone’s doing it, you just can't beat home grown produce for flavour and freshness.

No matter what size your garden is it is always possible to grow some of your favourite fruit. We have a large assortment of fruit trees and plants to get you started.

If outdoor space is an issue we stock many mini fruit trees such as lemons and oranges suitable for growing on a sunny windowsill. Or you could plant strawberries in a hanging basket.

Summer pruning for soft fruits

There are a lot of advantages to summer pruning; it helps to enhance the colour and quality of your plants. It helps to control vigorous growth while reducing pests and diseases. It can also be risky because if you prune too early, it can result in reducing your Fruit size. July through to August is the better time to summer prune, when the growing season has just stopped. Prune all side shoots growing from the main branches back to 5 leaves.

Currants can go un-pruned for their first year and the second winter it can be cut back by a third. For Grapes, prune strong side shoots back to one bud and their main stems by half their growth. For BlackBerries, cut the canes down to ground level as soon as they have stopped growing. Strawberries do not need to be pruned but the runners should be cut off to conserve the plants energy unless you are going to propagate New plants.

Buy Fruit Plants online at Gardens4You

You can buy your plants quickly and easily at gardens4you, your online garden center. Pay your fruitplants easily and not good money back. We have a large range of plants in our online garden center to choose from.

On all our plants you get standard grow guarantee, if you are not satisfied you get new plants or your money back. So you can order with peace of mind. We have the best quality fruit producing plants.

We have popular fruit such as apple trees, delicious strawberries and berries. You may also like our bushes and houseplants