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Peony or Paeony plants are a favourites among florists

Peonies make excellent cut flowers with their bold decorative foliage and showy long lasting flowers.

Create an awesome display with striking Peonies!

Select from our many different scented and unscented peony or peonies available online, 100% Guaranteed!

Peony or Paeonia are a genus of herbaceous perennials or shrubs. Herbaceous peonies die back completely in winter and re-grow in spring when the weather warms up again, while a tree peony just lose their leaves in winter, retaining their woody stems.

Flowering late spring and early summer Peonies will create an awesome display in your border increasing in beauty year after year.

The showy flowers of peonies create a striking effect in a mixed border or near the entrance to your home. Plant them in a sunny location and make sure you choose the right location as peonies do not like to be moved or replanted. Some peonies can grow in the same spot for decades, the are among the longest living Perennials.  

How to Care for Tuberous Peonies

They need two to three years to become fully established. The blooms make excellent cut flowers and their foliage is also very decorative. Be careful not too plant them too close together as overcrowding reduces air circulation resulting in disease (space approx 3ft apart), if you have already planted them close together then keep the foliage trimmed so that they aren’t touching each other.

The eyes (small red coloured buds) on the peony roots should be no more than 3-5cm below the Soil surface, if planted too deeply they may not flower. Soak the roots overnight before planting and plant them in well drained Soil. Support your plants with the help of stakes as the double flowering Varieties can before rather top heavy.To extend their blooming period, plant some early and some late flowering Varieties.

Don't grow peonies in pots as they have a large root system too big for in a pot. Mulch in February or March with potash-rich wood ash to increase flower production in poor Soil. In good Soil, this is not essential. Do not water them in spring unless it is very dry, and if you want to have really big Healthy flowers you should de-bud side shoots with a knife in late spring.

Peonies are reasonably pest free however they sometime suffer from botrytis blight a fungal disease, this disease will cause the whole plant to decay, removal of all infected parts of the plant is essential to keep the disease under control. In autumn cut the plants down to the ground and burn the foliage that has been removed, this will help to prevent infection and keeps the plant fungus free.

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