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Perennials make a happy garden. With our large collection of healthy plants, grasses, climbing and groundcovering plants you can completely style your garden. Did you know that they come back every year with the most beautiful flowers and colors. Our perennials are organically grown and are fresh for you with a 100% growth guarantee. Due to plant import restrictions our perennial plant assortment is smaller then before. 

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Perennial plants: plant once and enjoy for years to come

Our Perennial plants are great value because they come back every year and grow in size; this means you get a return on your investment year after year! Once established in a suitable spot, they will come back year after year - some for decades, increasing in size and in the number of blooms produced each year.

By carefully selecting plants with a variety of blooming times, your garden will change throughout the growing season and you'll always have flowers. Many perennials have attractive foliage adding visual interest even when they're not in flower in addition to a wide variety of flower colours and shapes.

We supply perennials in pots and bare root perennials. Buying perennials as dormant bare-roots is the best way to add new specimens to your garden for a lot less money than plants bought in a state of full growth.

How to care for your Bare Root Perennials

Bare root Perennials are quite often better to plant in the garden than established plants out of a large container because establish plants are already root bound and can take very long to adapt to the garden. With a bare root perennial, as soon as you plant it and water it, it will begin to develop on its root system and settle right away.  

For best results build a cone of Soil in the bottom of the planting hole. Do not add fertilizer to the planting hole as it may burn new roots. Place the plant in the hole and spread the roots around the cone of Soil. Gently fill in the hole, firming the soil as you go. Leave a slight depression around the plant to hold water. Water the plant, saturating the soil around the plant, so it can begin working on its root system 

Always keep your plants watered during their 12 weeks. A weekly deep soaking will encourage a root system. Apply a layer of compost each spring to provide nutrients and maintain soil health. Fertilise each early spring with some organic fertiliser.

Dividing plants

Most though not All Perennials should be divided every three to five years especially when the heart of the plant does not show Healthy growth and the flowers apPear only on the side of the clump then it is time to divide them. Division can be used to control the size of rapidly spreading overgrown plants, to get more plants for use elsewhere or to share with friends. Signs that Perennials need dividing are flowers that are smaller than usual. The growth in the centre of the plant dies out leaving a hole with all the growth around the edges or when the bottom foliage is poor. In general, it is best to divide spring and summer flowering Perennials in the early autumn and autumn flowering Varieties in late spring. Never divide Perennials on hot sunny days. By dividing the plant when it is not flowering all the plant’s energy can go to root and leaf growth. Water well a couple of days before dividing them.

Clumps can best be divided in early spring when New growth begins and the weather is still cool and damp. The entire clump can be removed from the ground by digging around all sides of the plant with a sharp knife or Trowel or it can be pulled apart by hand, wash off excess Soil so that roots are clearly visible. Depending on the size of the clump, dividing can also be done without actually removing it from the ground. Divide the clumps into sections having roots attached to each growing shoot. Do not allow the divisions to dry out replant immediately in the garden or in containers.

How to do it devide

Generally after the flowering period during late summer. Take two forks and a spade. Cut loose the plant clump with the sharp spade and lift the clump out of the Soil. Place the two forks back to back in the centre of the clump and force down. Use the forks as levers to divide the clumps in to pieces. Move the forks away from each Other left and right. Remove any dead non vigorous looking parts and replant the Healthy much smaller clumps right away; they will quickly regrow.
Sometimes you can do it best with a only sharp spade for example with Hosta, They can grow quite dense and are difficult to break. Use the spade to cut them into parts by carefully placing the spade at the centre of the clump and cutting through it several times. Replant the clumps right away. Hosta's are best done during the end of the winter (late February and early March) or no earlier than mid October during autumn.

What to feed your plants

You can enhance your garden plants by providing them with a few good meals throughout the summer. Pelleted poultry manure can give them the nutrients they need to Fight against Soil bacteria. Pot plants work better if they are fed with liquid food every fortnight.

For flowering plants use dilute liquid tomato food and for anything that’s prized or grown for spectacular foliage it is better to use a general-purpose food.

For slowing growing plants that need encouragement use foliar feed. This food is consumed through the leaves giving them a kick-start; it works immediately but is short lived. Once your plants get started change to the liquid feeds. A popular version of the feeding is to use sea-based nutrient mixes, especially algae, because they contain many of the fifty "trace nutrients"; the more "trace" is needed, the harder it is to balance the element within the Soil. Trace elements are considered most fit for delivery by foliar feeding. Algae also contains some hormones considered good for the cellular development of the plants' leaves, flowers, and Fruit, again making foliar feeding useful to organic gardeners who eschew artificial-hormone applications.

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