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There are several cultivars of Caryopteris but Caryopteris x clandonensis is one of the most popular and the hardiest available.

Caryopteris requires nutritious, humus-rich, well-drained garden soil. Once established, they don’t require any supplemental watering, Looks well when planted with other late summering flower plants such as the solidago or Asters.

As the plants mature, prune out any dead wood in the center. It's a pretty low maintenance, bushy shrub with deliciously spicy scented foliage, that resembles the smell of lavender perfect for small or large gardens.

Caryopteris can be grown from seed or propagated by soft-wood cuttings in late spring. The leaves are slow to return in spring so you need to be patient, if yours looks like a dead twig just scratch the bark with your nail to see if it’s alive or not.