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Campanula - Bellflower

The Campanula is a cheerful garden plant. They grow so many flower heads that this plant is ideal for borders and rock gardens, they also look beautiful in flower pots. Campenullas are easy to maintain and available in the colors blue, white, pink and purple. They provide your garden with flowers all summer long.

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Campanula also known as rampion bellflower, rampion, or rover bellflower

Campanula -flowering abundantly all the way through summer and producing bell or star shaped flowers in of blue, purple, pink and white. They can be grown in cracks and crevices, pots or raised beds.

Campanula plants grow well in sun or shade however the flower colour is at its best when they're grown in shade. Campanula carpatica Blue Clips makes a great ground covering plant.

Campanula punctata Hot Lips will be smothered in tubular bell-shaped, pale purple flowers with dark purple speckles on the inside all summer long.

Campanula punctata White Bells is a compact growing Campanula that blooms with large white tubular bell-shaped flowers enhanced by the dark green foliage from June - October.