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House plants

A houseplant is the finishing touch to your home. They make your home attractive and lively! Choose from the most hip varieties such as the monstera and the timeless palm. Looking for the right houseplant? In our houseplant collection you will find the most beautiful, all supplied with a 100% flowering and growth guarantee and payment afterwards.


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Beautifull indoor plants

Indoor plants not only look good, they also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Adding houseplants to your home is a natural way to reduce air pollution and increase oxygen levels. Indoor plants control the humidity in a room within the optimal range for our health.

We always have a large selection of indoor plants for sale, just order online and we will deliver them to you quickly. Our houseplants also make great sustainable gifts.

Blooming mood makers

With flowering houseplants you can think of Anthuriums, Bromeliads, Gardenias, Orchids, Spathifolium and Stefanothis. All these varieties like a sunny spot and bring a lot of color into your home. Some happy roommates also have a wonderful scent (Gardenias and Stefanothis).

You can keep most bloomers in bloom for a number of months, but then the cake is often gone. For example, bromelias with their bright colors only bloom once and then are gone, but they are cheaper than a bunch of flowers and still last for months.

Orchids can be cut back after flowering, after which they will bloom again. With the right orchid nutrition, your orchid can last for several years. The only disadvantage of flowering houseplants is that some people can be allergic to the pollen of, for example, the Anthurium or Spathifolium, but fortunately this is rare.

Flower bulbs for the home

When you think of indoor plants you may not think of flower bulbs, but some flower bulbs are ideal as a houseplant for a windowsill such as amaryllises, crocuses (in a special crocus pot), hyacinths in pots or on a glass and paperwhite daffodils.

All these bulbs flower within a few weeks and the amaryllis in particular makes a fantastic impression with its enormous flowers! Paperwhites and hyacinths have a delicious scent, although not everyone likes the strong scent. All in all, flower bulbs are easy plants for part of the year, just be patient for the best results!


Cacti are completely hot again! There is a great variety of cacti, some are very unobtrusively minimalist, others are very busy and striking with bright colors. We also have varieties of the cacti that are combined with small dried flowers. This makes it look like the cacti are in bloom. The brightly colored flowers give the cacti a completely different look! There are also cacti that bloom by themselves, but then you have to be patient, it can sometimes take up to 20 years! Some types have nasty spines, you have to take that into account with small children. A well-known such cactus is the echinocactus Grusonii, it has the shape of a pouffe, but with large spines and is also popularly called mother-in-law's pillow, guess why :). However, there are also cacti that have hardly any spines or are covered with a kind of hair, so less prickly.

The big advantage of cacti is that you have very little to worry about. No green fingers is therefore no excuse. They can do with little water and without much sun, in the winter they even use almost no water. Ideal for the student, people without green fingers or the businessman or woman who travels a lot!

Varieties with large leaves

Large-leaved green houseplants are usually selected for their beautiful and variegated foliage, such as variegated begonias, calatheas and diefenbachias, easy plants that also do well with less light. Diefenbachias are very popular, but the juice that is released when the leaves are damaged can irritate, so with small children it is better to use another plant. Ficus lyrata also has large leaves. The leaf does have the shape of a violin, which is why it is also called the violin plant. It can become a large plant, tall rather than wide, beautiful in a more spacious living room

Species with small leaves

Most ficuses have beautiful fine leaves, with or without a variegated pattern. The chloropythum (zebra plant) and most dracenas can also be counted in this group. Both ficuses and dracenas can grow considerably over time, with the ficus forming a decent bunch of leaves and the dracenas having a somewhat more elegant appearance because they only form leaves at the top of the trunk. There are also broad-leaved varieties of the dracenas. Ficuses can withstand low light, dracena; s need a little more light.

Mediterranean or container plants

These are plants that grow outside on the Mediterranean Sea, but have to go inside in our climate in winter. Larger versions are usually kept in a tub (hence a container plant), the smaller varieties can also be kept in a regular pot. Examples include lemon and orange trees, olive trees and oleanders. You can keep them at home all year round, but you can also put them outside on your garden table, balcony or terrace from May. You do have to make sure that there is a hole in the bottom of the pot so that excess rainwater can be drained away and do not forget if you bring them inside in the winter to place a saucer under it.


Ferns are special plants because they do not form flowers or seeds but reproduce through spores at the bottom of the leaf. Ferns come in all kinds of variants from small to very large (up to 20 meters) and have a long history, they have been present on earth for about 150 million years (oldest fossils even 350 million years old!). The fern produces sterile leaves as well as leaves with pollen on the underside. In most ferns these leaves are hardly distinguishable from each other, but there are species where there is a clear difference.

Ferns are known for the beautiful foliage that curls itself in an ingenious way, a wonder of mother nature.

The ferns that are suitable for the living room are the smaller types, they originally grow in subtropical forests with a high humidity. They therefore like indirect light, so not in full sun. Because the hiker chamber does not have such a high humidity as standard, it is important that you provide your fern with sufficient water and preferably a regular spraying.

Furthermore, ferns are quite easy to form in the living room, which also have an air-purifying effect. Place them in a pot on a stand or put them in a hanging basket so that you give the beautiful foliage space. It is one of the few varieties that can also survive well in a bathroom, provided there is enough daylight.


There is a wide variety of succulents, the aloe veras are perhaps the best known. This is because of the attributed healing effect of the juice from the leaves, but there are also completely other succulents such as the crassula and the sansevieria. The latter is also called a woman's tongue because of its resemblance to a sharp tongue.

Because succulents can store a lot of moisture in their leaves, they can go without water for a long time, so they will not dry out as quickly. Due to the minimalist shapes of most succulents, they do well in a modern and sleek interior.

How do I choose the right houseplant?

If your room is dark, take a look under our low light houseplants category. If you don't want to worry about it, take a look at our succulents and cacti. These plants make few demands on their care and can go without water for a long time, easy if you are often away from home or if your plant is in the office.

Flowering houseplants add color to the room and large houseplants add depth. A number of plants purify the air and are therefore also very suitable office plants. We also have some carnivorous plants. We have combined the various types by theme, but of course you can also view all types individually.

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