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Looking for an easy houseplant in your interior? buy a Cactus because this is an ideal plant if you don't have green fingers. This spiky houseplant comes from the arid deserts of South America. The cactus is back in fashion again, we sell the popular Euphorbia, among others. Caring for cacti is easy, these houseplants hardly use water and can be placed in full sun.

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Many Cacti produces spectacular blooms

Cacti plants can absorb sufficient moist to survive hot dry dessert summers, they burst into flowering as soon as the rain starts. Cacti plants -belonging to the Cactaceae family are fleshy succulents that come in a very wide range of unusual shapes and sizes. They're easy going only needing water once a week, from October until January give water only once every two weeks. Some will flower from March onwards.

Cacti are true survival artists

The Cactus is a very easy and strong plant for the home. It is available in all shapes and sizes but beware ... spines. Did you know that the Cactus needs very little water. Give your Cactus preferably not too much water, he can very well against drought and very bad against too much water.

Cactus plants are resistant to cold, drought and heat. Cactus plants are therefore very strong and require little care. This makes cacti very suitable for the somewhat nonchalant houseplants owner. A number of species bloom with separate, sometimes paper-thin flowers, in beautiful colors.

In the winter they have a rest period in which they ask little water, as the days get longer you gradually give more water. Cacti should never be wet so ensure good drainage. A warm sunny place is a requirement. We find Cacti very trendy houseplants

The Euphorbia

Did you know that Euphorbias are not real cacti and that this plant is also called the cowboy cactus. In nature, these cacti grow many meters high. Fortunately, the Euphorbia in your living room grows very slowly. The euphorbia, like cacti, needs very little water. This plant likes to dry out between waterings, as this strain also stores water in the stem of the plant. It is therefore an ideal houseplant for beginners. Just plant them in well-draining soil, give them light and you're good to go.

Buy cacti online at Gardens4You

Order online the nicest cacti and get standard bloom guarantee, if you are not satisfied you will get new plants or your money back. Order without worry. We have the best quality cacti and deliver your plants quickly. You can also pamper your plant with extra delicious plant food.

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