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Wisteria or 'Blue Rain' is one of the most spectacular climbing plants to decorate your home or garden walls. The wisteria in full bloom is an impressive sight. This creeper is a shrub and has beautiful, enchanting, drooping flower heads and will suit any garden. The blue wisteria is the best known, but we also sell the white and pink varieties!

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We have two different types of Wisteria, the sinensis Wisteria and the floribunda Wisteria

The sinensis Wisteria is from China and the floribunda Wisteria is from Japan. The sinensis Wisteria types are left winding and the Floribunda Wisterias, are right winding.

Wisteria is great for arcade's, porches, up against walls or trellis. They like full sun and need climbing support. Most wisteria shrubs are fragrant too.

Our Wisteria sinensis blue is grown from a seedling and not from an existing plant and the pink and white is grafted. Suplied as young specimens,some can take 2-3 seasons to flower but there will be plenty of green until then and cutting them back will bring on the flowering quicker.

The sinensis is a rapid grower and can be difficult to keep in shape in summer but the floribunda is easier to control and are grafted so the flower will come sooner.

How to Care for Wisteria

Wisteria sinensis and Floribunda's: Plant the wisteria out of cold winds in a sunny sheltered spot. Provide some form of support (trellis)& tie New shoots loosely to it. In the first few years train all New growth to form a main stem with main branches, later cut back all New growth to about 5-6 buds in mid summer. Prune all side shoots back to 5-6 buds from the previous year's growth in late winter to form New flowering spurs. It will produce its striking flowers in May - June but may take a couple of years to flower for the first time.

Attention: leaves may have dropped off during autumn transport, do not worry New leaves will grow back in spring.

How to Care for Standard Wisteria

Plant the wisteria in a large planter, after watering, place the planter in a sheltered position in full sun. Feed the tree with a high potash fertiliser and mulch it in the spring. Do not over feed as it will produce foliage at the expense of flowers. The wisteria should be pruned to maintain a height no greater than 1.2m and the head should be kept trimmed into an attractive shape. If left unchecked it will revert to it's natural shape.

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